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color-it - an interactive dance performance.
The course of events in the production color-it changes every time they perform it. In other words, it thrives upon the impulses of the moment and the atmosphere of the room, and is influenced by the relationship with the beholder.
color-it is the first scenic production Matilda Bilberg and Patricia Saliba produced, in which they explore both their bodily expressions as well as their own spatial and physical opportunities. They play and they fail,  letting the the affects of exchange between the two of them get visible through time. 

Premiered at STOFF (Stockholm Fringe Festival) 2016.

Performed at Skarpnäck Kulturhus and Stockholm Designweek in collabortaion with Colour Emotion - Grand Relations.



Choreography & dance: Matilda Bilberg & Patricia Saliba
Costume: Matilda Bilberg & Patricia Saliba together with the audience.
Supported by: Skarpnäck Kulturhus, Ungkulturhus Gurraberg, Livekonstkollektivet MELO, Stockholm Stad.


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