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I dance. I create dances. I facilitate for dance to happen. I collaborate. I produce work.
I work with live performance and film.
I simply love it.
I share my knowledge as much and as often I can.
I move. I see. I act. I listen. I play.
Mostly I improvise.
I care and take action, for my work and my environment.
I do it for myself, for you, for them, for us.

Matilda Bilberg was born in Västerås, Sweden, and is now based in Stockholm. She did her dance studies at the Royal Swedish Ballet school followed by courses in choreography, dance, film and philosophy at Stockholm Univeristy of the Arts. 
She is working as a freelance dancer and choreographer. She has danced for a.o. Live art collective MELO, Satoshi Kudo, Cristina Caprioli, Helena Franzén, Linda Forsman KORDA Art, Helena Davidsson Nordelius, Tove Skeidsvoll and Julia Kraus Dybeck. In her own work, she's been collaborating with the artist ionnalee for her audiovisuals and live concerts of the album Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten (2017/2018). Together with the composer Torbjörn Grass she made the piece Spår Av Tid (2015) for Västmanlandsmusiken, as well as the site specific installation Karmansbo (2019).

Since 2017 Matilda has been collaborating with Jenna Hendry (CH). The two of them share an interest in the phenomenon of touch in the context of dance. Striving for authenticity and equality between non-performance and performance, both are fascinated by the potential of communication through the physical body.  In November 2019 they premiered their first dance piece together: I U M I, co.produced by Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik in Zurich, Switzerland. I U M I got selected for Aerowaves Twenty 2021.

Matilda and Jenna have taken their collaboration further and together with Nerea Gurrutxaga (ES) and Maria Teresa Tanzarella (IT/SE) they started the collective UTOPISISTAS. 

In fall 2021 the four of them as a collective premiered their first full-length performance I'll be back, co-produced by Tanzhaus Zurich, Switzerland.

Besides her artistic work she is sharing her knowledge by teaching in dance, improvisation and contemporary floor work methods nationally and internationally. She has been practicing with teachers such as David Zambrano, Anya Cloud, Linda Forsman, and Martin Kilvady who have influenced her work a lot. 
Matilda has studied sports psychology and is a Thai Massage practitioner, educated at the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

At the moment (2022 - 2024) Matilda is doing her Master in choreography at the University of Arts in Stockholm, Sweden.

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