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Amoebas is the ongoing project with and by Emeric Rabot in collaboration with Matilda Bilberg and Jenna Hendry.
Amoebas has it's seed in the fascination of the information we give and receive through the touch of our hands. This lead to the very first residency at Tanzhaus Zürich January 2018. Amoebas has since then been further developed, taking different forms in different occasions. Still changing and transforming.


Concept: Emeric Rabot together with Jenna Hendry and Matilda Bilberg.
Preformance: Emeric Rabot, Matilda Bilberg, Jenna Hendry or in the format of a duo.
Costume: Emeric Rabot & Matilda Bilberg.

Performed at

Brusseles, August 2020.
Danserium Show, Agen, France, June 2019.
Tanzhaus Zürich, January 2018.


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