2Squared (working title)
Premiere: 20.10.2021, Tanzhaus Zürich

In 2Squared, a humorous performance that interweaves dance and speech, two pairs of imaginary clone sisters orbit around the question of what exactly constitutes the self. Matilda Bilberg (SE), Jenna Hendry (CH), Maria Teresa Tanzarella (IT/SE) and Nerea Gurrutxaga (ES) wonder whether an independent I even exists and invite the audience to reflect upon individuality versus the collective in respect to critical discourses that understand both directions as an extreme: an over-individualization of societies as well as a standardization of the individual to form uniformed societies.


Together we try to merge into a multiple being with a collective body and a shared consciousness. We wonder what would happen if individuality was dissolved, if there were no individuals left: What if the concept of self could be completely abandoned?

UTOPISISTAS is the collective by Matilda Bilberg, Jenna Hendry, Nerea Gurrutxaga and Maria Teresa Tanzarella. 


Concept, choreography and performance:      Matilda Bilberg, Nerea Gurrutxaga, Jenna Hendry and Maria Teresa Tanzarella
Productiondramaturgy:                                       Simon Froehling
Productiondramaturgy Tanzhaus Zürich:        Lea Moro
Lightdesign:                                                           Thomas Giger
Sound:                                                                     Moritz Alfons and Luz González
Costumes:                                                               Mat Voorter
Productionmanagement:                                    Hélène Hüsler
Coproduction:                                                        Tanzhaus Zürich
Residency partners:                                              Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Tanzhaus Zürich, Studio Thor Brussels
With the support of:                                             Stadt Zürich Kultur, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, Swedish Arts Grants
                                                                                  Committee, Ernst Göhner Stiftung

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