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KINANI Festival, Maputo, Mozambique

18.11.2023 IUMI / MINAWENA
The two weeks workshop LAB led by Matilda Bilberg and Jenna Hendry during KINANI Festival ended with a performative sharing at Centro Cultural Franco-Moçambicano on Saturday 18th of November 2023 as part of KINANI Festival, Maputo. 
Thanks to everyone involved!
Dance: Afifa Zualo, Nguyra Zene, Dollas Dots, Aleixo Ernesto, Vasco Julio Cutchuaio, Emeric Rabot, Leoni Gret.
Music: May Mbira
Organized by: KINANI Festival & Danse Sans Frontières
Supported by: Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia Johannesburg
Photography: Mariano Silva


PETER, dance with... podcast

15.11.2023 Matilda Bilberg was invited by Peter Mills to join their podcast "PETER, dance with..."
Listen to them dancing and talking here or anywhere you find podcasts!


KINANI Festival, Maputo, Mozambique

06. - 26.11.2023 Matilda Bilberg and Jenna Hendry are invited by KINANI Festival and Dansesansfrontieres to host a Workshop LAB with local dance artists from Maputo in Mozambique, as part of KINANI Festival. The workshop LAB will take place 6th - 17th of November, Monday - Friday 09:00-13:00 at Studio Centro Cultural Franco-Moçambicano.
This research trip is supported by Por Helvetia Johannesburg

Read more about KINANI
To know more about the workshop or to join, please email:  

We, Matilda and Jenna, are happy to invite you to these two weeks workshop lab in which we focus on a
specific exploration of the body. We will depart from our earlier dance piece, I U M I, which is based on the
motif of an embrace and orbits around the topic of intimacy. Together with you, the participating dancers,
we propose to revisit the seed-question which eventually became our first co-created dance piece
I U M I: “What information do we transmit through the touch of our hands?”

Through various guided improvisation tasks, we will move between dancing individually to dancing in
couples and in bigger groups. More specifically we will engage in practices where we dance with one or
several partners, leading and following through hugging, the touch of our hands, by initiating movements
through various body parts, as well through imagination without being in physical touch.
The work is based on attentive listening and a constant negotiation in order to allow the information
received, and given, to travel into the body and allow that to evolve into our whole-body-dancing.

The frame of our practice developed in the creation of I U M I is based on shared leadership. Therefore,
the agency of acting always relies upon each individual. We aim to embrace differences and allow each
collaborator's knowledge, sense-making and history to shape the working process in a way that manifests
a shared present reality.
We commit to mutual enrichment and empowerment through this artistic exchange and wish to foster a
partnership based on respect, equality and shared growth.


IDEA Festival, Amman, Jordan 

14. - 23.09.2023 Matilda Bilberg and Jenna Hendry are invited to IDEA Festival in Amman Jordan to perform I U M I on Saturday 23rd of Septmeber. During their stay they will also participate in round tabel conversations as well as sharing their practice with local dancers and dance enthusiasts through a workshop on Thursday 21st of Septmber. 
Read more here



21.09.2023 Matilda Bilberg and Jenna Hendry sharing a workshop at The National Center for Culture and Arts in Amman, Jordan. As part of the IDEA festival. 
More info here



12.05.2023 Pre-premiere of BAKLÄNGESEN
Aa part of t
he event "Public Something" 11. - 13.05.2023 at Stockholm University of the Arts. 


Take a step back, back into your back, through your core and to your past.
A step back to what’s behind in order to lean into what will come.
A shift of your awareness from forward oriented to back oriented.
A move towards the back as an
attempt to soften your gaze and allowing your skin to listen and articulate in all its direction.


What if you would make a front with your back?

Performance at Västmanlands läns museum 

17.09.2022 Performing at Västmanlands läns museum in the exhibition "Industrikväden" by Torbjörn Grass.
The performance is a part of Västerås Kulturnatt and is happening 17th of September 20:00, 21:00, 22:00 together with Torbjörn Grass (guitar), Stefan Isaksson (saxophone).

This performance is also happening 19th of November 13:00 and 14:30.



Master in Choreography

29.08.2022 Starting the master in Choreography at the University of Arts in Stockholm, Sweden. 




22.07. - 07.08.2022 Participated in Impulstanz festival. 
Supported by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. 

Residency at Zengården

24.04. - 02.05.2022 Artist in residency at Zengården in Finnåker, Sweden. 
With the new project FUTURA in collaboration with artist Caio Marques de Oliveira.

I'll be back at Dansens Hus Stockholm, Sweden

10.03. - 12.03.2022 Performances at Dansens Hus, Stockholm
Get your tickets here!

Premiere of I'll be back at Tanzhaus Zurich

20.10.2021 Premiere 20.00 at Tanzhaus Zurich
21. - 24.10.2021 Performances at Tanzhaus Zurich
Read more here!
















Choreographers at Work! A documentary series about creation processes in the field of contemporary dance

18.10.2021 The second portrait in the documentary series Choreographers at Work! is devoted to the collective work and rehearsal processes employed by UTOPISISTAS. It shows the four dancers and choreographers Jenna Hendry, Matilda Bilberg, Maria Teresa Tanzarella and Nerea Gurrutxaga working together on their production I'll be back (2021).
Made by Mona de Weerdt and Michelle Ettlin.
Watch the documentary here!







Production of I'll be back
with UTOPISISTAS at Tanzhaus Zurich


13.09 - 19.10. 2021 Production of I'll be back with and by UTOPISISTAS at Tanzhaus Zurich (co.production partner).

Premiere 20.10.2021
Read more here!


16.08-05.09.2021 We are happy to have a residency at Cie Thor in Brusseles, Belgium, for the new production I'll be back by UTOPISISTAS.

BYN - By your neighbour on tour

28.06-08.07.2021 Short piece BYN By your neighbour will tour in retirement homes for old people and in streets, parks, squares of Västerås Sweden.

IUMI at Zurich Tanzt


09.05.2021 Performing IUMI at Tanzhaus Zurich during Zurich Tanzt.
Tickets will be released 3rd of May 


Cropp - Exhibition at The Royal Institute of Art

Cropp is an ongoing research on framing motion into a filmic choreography: as a constant circuit of body contour becoming the environment it surrounds. The project is a collaboration with the film maker and artist Caio Marques de Oliveira.

The first part of the project is exhibited at The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Sweden, 27th-31st of January 2021. Read more here: KKH

I U M I selected for Aerowaves

Aerowaves is a hub for dance discovery in Europe. They identify the most promising new work by emerging dance artists and then promote it through cross-border performances. Aerowaves' network of partners in 33 countries enables these younger choreographers to bring brand new dance to brand new audiences.

Happy to announce that I U M I, by Jenna Hendry and Matilda Bilberg, will be a part of the selected Aerowaves artists 2021. 

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